Jeremy Young

Character & Episode: Douglas Kershaw in You Can Always Find a Fall Guy
Born: 1934, Liverpool, Merseyside, England


Of Scottish decent, Jeremy was a solid character actor for more than thirty years notching up well over seventy-five television and film appearances. He first appeared on the big screen in Grip of the Strangler in 1958, and made his television debut the following year in the BBC serial The Cabin in the Clearing. It was in the latter medium that he would most regularly work throughout his career.


During the Sixties, he appeared on numerous shows and is perhaps best remembered for his role as Athos in the BBC serials The Three Musketeers and The Further Adventures of the Musketeers (both 1967). Other contributions during the decade included a regular role in Deadline Midnight in 1961, and guest turns in The Avengers (A Touch of Brimstone, Never, Never Say Die and The Forget-Me-Knot), The Saint (The Man Who Liked Lions and The Ex-King of Diamonds) and Z Cars. He is also notable as being one of the main supporting actors in the first Doctor Who serial transmitted in late 1963. He would appear in the series once again in 1965 in Mission to the Unknown, which is unique in that it is the only episode of the series not to feature the Doctor or any of the regular characters, being a one-episode scene-setter for an epic Dalek story, The Daleks' Master Plan.


Jeremy also appeared in the soap operas Crossroads (1964, as Professor Angrave), Coronation Street (1972, as Benny Lewis) and EastEnders (1988-89, as Officer Stone). His career slowed after the Seventies and he made his final television appearance in the drama The Debt in 2003.

From 1961 until 1976 he was married to actress Kate O'Mara (1939-2014), another familiar face on British television. More recently, Jeremy has worked for BBC Radio and for a long time taught for the Court Theatre Training Company, which is part of the Courtyard, London.


Raymond Young

Character & Episode: Rawlings in But What a Sweet Little Room
Born: 16/06/1918, London, England
Died: 27/07/2011


A reliable supporting actor with over eighty credits to his name. He first appeared in 1949 in the television play She Stoops To Conquer. He then appeared in a number of minor roles in films before being cast as the Marquis de la Tour du Pin in the television serial The Three Hostages (1952, based on John Buchan's Richard Hannay stories). Throughout the Fifties, Raymond remained in demand, appearing in some notable early television series such as The Adventures of Charlie Chan, Ivanhoe and The Vise. During the following decade, he continued to appear regularly in many television series, making useful contributions to Emma, Biggles and Seven Deadly Sins. He also had an uncredited role in the James Bond film Goldfinger (1964) and featured in well-remembered genre series such as Department S (1969), Callan (1969) and The Persuaders! (1972). As the Eighties approached, his appearances became scarce and he made his last in Jeeves and Wooster in 1991.


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